The Midwest Book Review praises Little Creatures

Ana Gerhard creates another wonderful music storybook

Little Creatures: An Introduction to Classical Music by celebrated children’s author Ana Gerhard hits the shelves September 2019. A true Secret Mountain original, this musical storybook introduces young readers to classical music history through a fun examination of bugs, amphibians, and other creepy crawlies. Check out the kind words given by The Midwest Book Review on this adventurous book: 

“Little Creatures” is a fascinating collection of classical music selections about insects, frogs, spiders, snakes, and butterflies. Illuminations of each selection and background about the composers are provided by Ana Gerhard, an accomplished pianist and music educator.

Stunning illustrations portray each species represented in the style of the musical selection, showing delicacy, accuracy, such as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Liverpool Philharmonic, and the Nashville Symphony, include the following: “The Tale of Tsar Saltan/Flight of the Bumblebee,” by Rimsky Korsakov, “He spake the word, and there came all manner of flies…/Israel in Egypt,” by Handel, “From the Diary of a Fly/Mikrokosmos,” by Bartok, “Overture/The Wasps,” by R. Vaughan Williams, “The Night’s Music/Our of Doors” by Bartok… 

In addition to the illuminations and illustrations of the 20 different selections, “Little Creatures” contains a Listening Guide, with further explanation and description of the use of orchestral sound and instruments, a list of the composers with a thumbnail portrait and biography, an extensive Glossary of Musical Terms, and a Timeline of Composers and Periods using shadings of color to distinguish composition eras and the composers’ placements within the Renaissance through 20th Century eras (1450-2000). 

“Little Creatures” is a fabulous find, and should not have its appeal limited to the juvenile audience only, although children ages 7-9 will undoubtedly enjoy it deeply.