Un pato en Nueva York

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Story and songs by Connie Kaldor Illustrated by Fil & Julie Performed by Inés Canepa

A story about a little duck with a big dream and his lonesome journey to New York City in hopes of bringing his ducky dance to the Broadway stage. Along the way, issues of courage, self-esteem, friendship and encouragement are addressed. There’s a strong urge to cheer on this little guy in this never-give-up-on-your dreams narrative.  The CD includes 12 happy-go-lucky songs such as “Couac, couac, couac” and “J’adore les tomates.” Quirky and fun artwork adds to the book’s jovial tone.

Real quack-quack music-hall, not namby-pamby! TÉLÉRAMA

STORYBOOK – MUSIC CD 978-2-923163-28-4
Pub Date: 2006
Ages 3 to 5
Keywords: Self-esteem, dreams, friendship, animals
Hardcover book (8”x 8”, 40 pages) with CD (28 minutes / 12 songs)
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40 page illustrated hardcover book, 8″ X 8″ format, with an appended music CD containing 12 songs (28 minutes)

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Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1 cm
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