Guide – L’hymne au printemps (seasons)

An activity guide from the Tam Ti Delamcollection that invites children to discover the imaginative world of several celebrated singer-songwriters from French-speaking Canada.

Learn about them while you sing and dance to the following five songs on the seasons.

  • L’hymne au printemps by Félix Leclerc, recorded by Mara Tremblay, Catherine Durand, Dobacaracol and Jorane
  • L’alouette du matin by Joseph Beaulie, recorded by Mara Tremblay
  • Les vacances by La Bolduc, recorded by Bïa
  • Le matin en patins by Gilles Vigneault, recorded by Ariane Moffatt
  • Les mois de l’année by Alan Mills, recorded by Thomas Hellman and Émilie Clepper

These recordings have been selected from different albums on our list and are all available on most musical streaming and downloading platforms.

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