New titles are the talk of the town!

Over the past month, our three new releases have garnered a great deal of praise from several blogs and reviews across the continent that focus on children’s music and literature.

Songs in the Shade of the Cashew and Coconut Trees 

This is an enchanting collection of 23 traditional songs that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and multilingual communities of West Africa and the Caribbean. Songs collected by Nathalie Soussana, musical arrangements by Jean-Christophe Hoarau, and illustrations by Judith Gueyfier.

An absolutely stunning musical book. This book features lullabies from West Africa and the Caribbean on each page, and comes with a CD and digital download code so that you can listen along with each page… This is a wonderful, wonderful way to get kids excited about their either own culture, or other cultures as they begin to explore the music and images.

 Inclusive Storytime

Songs in the Shade of the Cashew and Coconut Trees is a gorgeous and informative book. We have loved listening to the beautiful songs, looking on the map to see where they come from and learning about the songs and seeing the lyrics in the language they are sung and also translated into English. 

– Our Book Bag

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Little Creatures: An Introduction to Classical Music 

This is the latest installment in a series of musical picture books introducing little ones to classical music by pianist Ana Gerhard. The works of Beethoven, Ravel, Prokofiev and others are introduced to children by showing how insects, arachnids and amphibians, such as spiders, wasps, butterflies, frogs and snakes, have inspired classical composers over the centuries. 

Something new I’m trying with my 1st–3rd grade elementary music classes: this book! It goes through 20 pieces of classical repertoire with beautiful illustrations, a short piece description, a CD in the back and composer bios! It’s truly a work of art… My 1st–3rd graders loved it so much that they begged me to keep going and do the next piece. 

–Music for Kiddos

The Secret Mountain does it again! Another excellent book for children has been released this month and it’s as classic and beautiful as its subject matter… This is such a gem of a book that both families and schools alike will love it.

 –Mommy Maetra

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Animal Musicians

Travel across the seven continents to discover how nature’s best musicians use their voices or their bodies to create a symphony. This book by conductor Pedro Alcalde showcases the many incredible sounds made by animals in the wild. It includes facts about each animal and its habitat, along with an array of field recordings, all featured in a stunning and detailed artistic landscape by Julio Antonio Blasco. 

Beautiful graphics and authentic portraits of each creature in its natural habitat are displayed, along with sidebars of specialized information, plus descriptions of the songs or musical sounds made by the creature. 

–Midwest Book Review

I have always loved music and nature, and this new book from Secret Mountain, “Animal Musicians,” combines both! The book is a great overview of animals in our world that make music. The illustrations, by Julio Antonio Blasco, are wonderful, capturing the natural beauty of the animals.

–A Nation of Moms

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