Amondo, Son of the Baobab

Play Hélène Ducharme Illustrations Judith Gueyfier

In West Africa, a magnificent baobab presides over a village beset with a terrible drought. A long, long time ago, when the stars were still babies, the tree fell in love with the earth. As it buried its roots deep in the earth’s heart, the sun grew jealous. The sun shone and shone, until lakes and rivers flew away and even its own heart dried up and disappeared. At the centre of this tale is Amondo, son of the baobab, known as “The One Who Unites.” Only he can restore hope to the villagers by freeing the water from the spell cast by the sun. But in order to succeed, he must complete four difficult tasks… 

This play, followed by seven songs, transports us to the extraordinary world of African folklore, to a time when the moon, trees and animals spoke to humankind.

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Recordings of the narrated story and music. Duration: 68 minutes

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