Il pleut à boire debout

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Illustrated by Marie-Ève Tremblay Performed by Geneviève Bilodeau, Carmen Countryside, Émilie Clepper, Dumas, Enzo Enzo, Thomas Hellman, Florence K, Paul Kunigis, Daniel Lavoie and Jessica Vigneault

Discover 10 delightful, lighthearted sing-along songs about funny irresistible animal characters, including cuddly cats and dogs who just want to be your friend, even on a rainy day! Listeners are invited to share an umbrella with a heartbroken pooch who sings the blues, a tomcat who has a soft spot for sour cream and a rambunctious little kitty who snores and growls. A book-CD combo, full of whimsy and good cheer, thanks to the playful, heartwarming illustrations and the original songs performed by accomplished singers and skilled musicians.

The selection offers high quality. RICOCHET-JEUNES

STORYBOOK – MUSIC CD 978-2-924217-71-9
Pub Date: 2015
Ages 3 to 5
Keywords: pets, friendship, humor, dream
Hardcover book (8”x 8”, 36 pages) with CD (28 minutes / 10 songs)
$22.95 CAD / $16.95 USD / € 19.50

36 page illustrated hardcover book, 8″ X 8″ format, with an appended music CD containing 10 recordings (28 minutes)

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1 cm
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