I Love Tomatoes

Lyrics Connie Kaldor Music Connie Kaldor
Performer Connie Kaldor

I love tomatoes
I love tomatoes
You can keep your carrots and potatoes
I love tomatoes

I’ve got tomatoes in my pocket
Tomato coloured clothes
I carry a tomato everywhere I go
I’ve got tomatoes on my windowsill
Tomatoes on my bed
I sleep each night with a tomato on my head

I love tomato cookies, I love tomato cake
I love tomatoes in my salad
And tomato milk shakes
I like tomatoes in my cereal
Tomatoes with my tea
I like tomato flavoured toothpaste and tomato fricassee

I even go so far as to sing off key
And I sing so loud la la la la la
And I don’t listen to the music la la la la
And then they start to boo
And then they throw tomatoes at me

In my garden that’s all I’ll grow
Cherry or Roma I love them so