The Alligator Waltz

Lyrics Connie Kaldor Music Connie Kaldor
Performer Connie Kaldor

The alligator waltz
La-la-la-la hmmmmm
The alligator waltz
La-la-lala hmmmmmm

They come in groups of two
Promising that they won’t fight
They hoochy kootchy kootchy koo
Trying so hard not to bite
It’s tail-to-tail and nose-to-nose
Oh-they love to hold each other close

At the stroke of midnight
They start swaying to and fro
And by the swampy green moonlight
You should see them dance the tango
Sliding slowly and holding near
Whispering romantic things in the ear

The alligator waltz is quite the formal do
It’s tux and tails and fancy gowns
And alligator shoes
By the vine and cicada bug
Boy can they ever cut the rug

The alligator waltz is by invitation only
And I’m afraid that you won’t find
An alligator who is lonely
But if you hear on a swampy breeze
A fast fox trot and a one, two, three

The alligator waltz
La-la-la-la hmmmmm
It’s the alligator waltz
You can hear them humming in the moonlight
To the alligator waltz
I’ll bet you didn’t know an alligator could hum
Did ya?