If You Love
a Hippopotamus

Lyrics Connie Kaldor Music Connie Kaldor
Performer Connie Kaldor

If you love a hippopotamus
And you love her a lot-amus
She will be your friend (your friend)
And that can be mighty handy now and then

Cause if you’re stuck outside
And you find that the door won’t budge
Your friend the hippo can lean on it
And give it that extra nudge

Cause if you want a cookie
But it’s too high on the shelf
You can climb on the back of a hippopotamus
And get one for yourself… And one for her too

Cause if you’re put to bed
And you find that you just can’t sleep
Your friend the hippopotamus into your room will creep

And she’ll sing you a lullaby ‘til you begin to snore
Then she’ll tiptoe out hippopotamusly and slam the door