A Duck in
New York City

Lyrics Connie Kaldor Music Connie Kaldor
Performer Connie Kaldor

There was a little duck in New York City
Which is not exactly perfect for a duck
Instead of little ponds with little lilies
There are great big buildings, pavement and trucks
But if you are a duck in New York City
You do the very best with what you’ve got
You don’t go waddling after dark
You take a taxi to the park
And you find a fire hydrant when it’s hot

His apartment was too small to have a bathtub
So he had to go out waddling on the street
He’d pretend that he was swimming up the pavement

Even though it often hurt his little feet
But he loved to see the Nicks down at the Gardens
And he loved the shows down on the Avenue
And he says, “I feel at home in New York City
‘Cause everyone is quackers too

Start spreading the news
I’m leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

So, if you are a duck in New York City…
Oh yeah New York is ducky