J'ai un bouton sur le bout de la langue

Songs La Bolduc Illustrations Josée Bisaillon Interpreters Bïa, Florence K, Geneviève Bilodeau, Gaële and Jorane

BOOK J'ai un bouton sur le bout de la langue (I have a button on the tip of the tongue) pays the ultimate tribute to Mary Travers (1894-1941) fondly known as the celebrated “La Bolduc,” the first major recording star in Quebec. This book-CD offers a delightful trek through Saguenay, Rivière des Prairies and Newport, Gaspésie with 11 songs that recount everyday life of the young and old. The charming illustrations by Josée Bisaillon playfully evoke the nostalgic era of circa 1920s with whimsical flare, denoting a time dominated by the tramway and the gramophone.

CD Five remarkable singers perform with wit and humour the songs of La Bolduc. In a unique style, Geneviève Bilodeau, Bïa, Jorane, Gaële, and Florence K revisit the jig in an animated fashion. This repertoire offers a varied musical palette that appeals to all generations!

Age: 2-7 years / Publication date: October 25, 2011


Mary Travers, a.k.a. La Bolduc, was born in 1894 in Newport, Gaspésie. Without prior musical training, she learned to play several musical instruments such as the accordion, the bombarde, the harmonica than the violin. Mary accompanied Conrad Gauthier on the Evenings of the Good Old Days at the Monument-National before composing famous songs that made her the Queen of the jig and Canadian folklore in the 1930s.


Josée Bisaillon was born in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Her illustrations are a mix of burgeoning collages, drawings and digital montages. In addition to being nominated for the Governor General's Literary Award in 2008 and 2010, Josée has won several awards including the Applied Arts, LUX, and American Illustration Society of Illustrators (NY).