Songs in the Shade of the Olive Tree

Songs Hafida Favret & Magdelaine Lerasle Musical Arrangements Paul Mindy Illustrations Nathalie Novi

STORYBOOK Sung in Arabic and Berber, this collection of lullabies and nursery rhymes from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia draws children into a musical journey across North Africa, from the Sahara Desert through the Atlas Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. In 30 story-songs about everyday life, children learn of the importance of rain, the communal aspects of meals, and the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Lyrics are reproduced in Arabic and translated into English, transcribed in the original script and in Roman characters, and followed by notes on the origin and cultural context of each song.

MUSIC CD The accompanying CD features traditional songs performed by a group of women, men, and children, and recorded with indigenous acoustic instruments. This uplifting, enchanting production captures the meeting of ancient and modern styles, making it an absolute delight to musical ears.

Ages: 2 to 7 / Release date: October 2, 2012


Hafida Favret is an Algerian-born singer and attorney who practices international law in France.

Magdelaine Lerasle is an early childhood educator and researcher specializing in teaching language to children.


Paul Mindy Paul Mindy is a percussionist, singer, composer, and arranger who received the Georges Brassens Prize in recognition of his Brazilian music.He is the musical producer for Songs from the Baobab and Songs in the Shade of the Flamboyant Tree.


Nathalie Novi is an Algerian-born illustrator who graduated in 1987 from the copperplate engraving workshop of Pierre Courtin, and also studied at l'École des Beaux Arts in Nancy and Paris. She currently works as a painter and illustrator of posters and albums for children, and has illustrated more than 50 children's books. Ms. Novi currently resides in Nancy.

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You are listening to traditional Algerian nursery rhyme, "Plouf tizen tizen" performed by Hafida Favret.